2° Redoxy Age Defying Mask

The 2° Redoxy - Age Defying mask is specifically formulated to reduce the signs of aging and improve skin conditions. The mask’s ultra-thin facial sheet ensures that it covers and adheres perfectly on the surface of the skin. With Micro – Mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMNT) and excellent moisture absorption, the generous amount of anti-aging essence will be absorbed by your skin , which result in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains Laminaria Digitata Extract to help prevent the surface of the epidermis from losing moisture, giving your skin long-lasting hydration. 

2° Redoxy抗老面膜是特别为减少老化迹象及改善皮肤状况而设。它的质地薄透,能完美覆盖脸部肌肤,加上微矿化营养技术及绝佳保湿功能的辅助,精华液将能渗入肌肤达到抗老化作用。此外,其海藻萃取物 (Laminaria Digitata Extract)有助防止皮肤表层的水分流失,让你的肌肤长效保湿。


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